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GOYASTUR, S.A. is a company based in Gijón, northern Spain, with a proven experience of over 30 years in the electrical and lighting installations sector. The company has a proven track record in developing turnkey and installation solutions for electricity, lighting, voice/data and special signal networks projects.

For over 30 years, we have been present in the strong development and urban transformation of Spain, with special emphasis on energy saving and efficiency for a sustainable living. Our customers range from public administrations to private companies in sectors like construction, development, industry, tourism, leisure and sports.

Our company, founded in 1981, mainly focuses on servicing - from design, to project management and commissioning - the following range of installations:

  • Medium and low voltage energy distribution, transformer stations.
  • Electrical and lighting, firefighting and communications installations in buildings.
  • Electrical and lighting installations for industry.
  • Street lighting in urban and rural areas, road lighting, large-surface illumination.
  • Ornamental lighting of buildings, monuments, bridges, fountains.
  • Electrification of marinas, fishing and leisure ports.
  • Assembly of wind tower components.
  • Energy saving solutions for buildings, offices, industrial plants, street lighting.
Company profile

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Company profile

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High / low voltage energy distribution

Supply and complete installation of sectioning and transformer stations; high and low voltage cable-laying for energy distribution networks in industrial, commercial and residential areas.

Industry /
Wind towers

High and low voltage installations for the industry; electrical and lighting installations in industrial plants and factories. Electrical and mechanical assembly of wind tower components.

Installations in buildings

Electrical and lighting, firefighting, CCTV, low signal and communications installations as well as energy saving solutions in buildings, offices, hotels, shopping centers, medical, educational, leisure and sports facilities.

Outdoor lighting

Street lighting in urban and rural areas, road and tunnel lighting, large-surface illumination, floodlighting in sports grounds, ports and airports, ornamental lighting of buildings, monuments, bridges, fountains.

Electrification of marinas

Supply and installation of service towers with power and water outlets in floating docks and pontoons in fishing and leisure ports and marinas; power and water supply lines; control and auxiliary facilities on land.

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GOYASTUR, S.A. is staffed by high-quality, experienced professionals such as engineers, draftsmen, electricians and crane operators.

We design and carry out full turnkey projects and installations, starting with the economic and energy-efficiency evaluations, the projects´ design and implementation, all the way to their commissioning and legalization.

With a long-standing experience of over 30 years in the electrical and lighting installations sector, we have the necessary means and resources to satisfy our customer needs.

Our successful track record has earned us the highest Spanish certification issued to National Government Contractors in the following categories: I1, I5, I6, I7, I8 and I9.

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National Government Contractors’ Certificates (Spain)

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  • Ministerio de Fomento
  • Gobierno del Principado de Asturias
  • Puerto de Gijón
  • Puerto de Avilés
  • AENA
  • Ayto Gijón
  • Ayto Oviedo
  • Acciona
  • FCC
  • Ferrovial - Agromán
  • ACS - Dragados
  • OHL / SATO
  • Duro Felguera
  • Grupo SEM
  • SAMOA Industrial
  • El Corte Inglés
  • ABBA Hoteles
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  • Spain's Dept. of Infrastructure
  • Spain's Dept. of Justice
  • Principality of Asturias
  • Port of Gijón
  • Port of Avilés
  • AENA - Spanish Airports
  • Tragsa
  • City of Gijón
  • City of Oviedo
  • Acciona
  • FCC
  • Ferrovial-Agromán
  • ACS – Dragados
  • OHL / SATO
  • Vías y Construcciones
  • OCA
  • Coprosa
  • Alvargonzález Contratas
  • Sardalla Española
  • Tableros y Puentes
  • Duro Felguera
  • SEM Group
  • SAMOA Industrial
  • Hierros Cantón
  • Hierros Laminados Asturias
  • Electroníquel
  • Soccer World
  • El Corte Inglés
  • ABBA Hotels
  • Colegio San Ignacio - Oviedo
  • Club Tenis Gijón

International vision


In recent years, and having explored its options to export its services to emerging markets with high potential growth, our company has put in place an international expansion plan, implemented with full support from the Principality of Asturias’ Foreign Promotion Society (Asturex).

As a result of this plan, and in a display of our strong commitment to international expansion, our company has gained approval by the Peruvian government to become participant, bidder and contractor in public procurement contracts in Peru, being registered for this purpose at the National Register of Suppliers.

Registration Certificate - National Register of Suppliers (Peru)

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